Jo Paul Wallace

Jo Paul Wallace is one of two winners of the Street Photography Now Project. He tackled every brief head on, moving deftly between black and white and colour, creating witty, moving, political and consistently energetic images. He’s a fearless street photographer whose frames are packed with strong characters and expressive gestures. Week 34’s Instruction was “get stuck in the thick of it” – Jo Paul Wallace did that every week, thrusting hands and feet, birds and plants, cameras and phones, smoke and mirrors right into the foreground of each visceral shot. Find Jo Paul Wallace on Flickr

Instruction #2
“Turn your attention to the four-legged population” – Ying Tang

Instruction #10
“Photography like an assassin; suddenly and silently” – Osamu Kanemura

Instruction #12
“Look for the stars, even in broad daylight” – Markus Hartel

Instruction #13
“Look closer to home” – Lars Tunbjörk

Instruction #21
“Be aware of the way the camera compresses a three dimensional world into a two dimensional plane and use that to your advantage” – Nick Turpin

Instruction #24
“Follow the money” – Stephen McLaren

Instruction #36
“The distance between yourself and others should not be greater than your arm’s length.” – Christophe Agou

Instruction #39
“Don’t ask. Shoot fast.” – Gus Powell

Instruction #40
“It might all come together for a moment and then just as quickly it is gone.” – Narelle Autio

Instruction #41
“The different shades of grey are astonishing.” – Boris Savelev

Instruction #48
“Things are what they seem to be, or maybe something else.” – Richard Kalvar

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