The Experience

From Fernando Maquieira
“It is a great workout for a photographer who likes to work on the street.”

From pictomentos
“Love the personal challenge of SPNP, it drives my passion to keep creating, exploring, seeking new people ideas and locations.”

From Chris JL
“What is street photography? Trivial as it may sound, I don’t think this is an easy question. Seeing the weekly SPN project submissions is a window into what people out there – people that in most of the cases had not actively focused on SP before – think SP is, should, or could be. This vision is refreshing, often surprising, and definitely makes the project worth following.”

From w{loop
“I only started photography on week two through a photographer friend who suggested I give it a go, and so far its been a fantastic experience. This has been the only online community I have stuck with. Its a weekly privilege to be apart of SPN.”

From Steve Franck
“I got involved with SPNP as it looked like an interesting project that would bring together photographers from all over the world in their response to a weekly theme. Seeing other people’s interpretation to the weekly instruction and the lively debates those instructions stimulate is fascinating. I never really used Flickr before this project but I now find myself checking in constantly throughout the day to see what’s being said and posted.”

From Anne Leroy
“The SPN project makes me discover reputed photographers work, challenge my perception each week in photographing in new ways, widen my views and interact with a bunch of passionate people through discussions and comments. All that in one and much more! It is an amazing class to learn about Street Photography and see what people all around the world can come up with. It is intense, but fantastic and you really get addicted!”

“Not sure how I found this site but it has motivated me to get out & about working on a weekly project again. Takes my mind off the current situations around. Keeps me on the streets looking again! A wonderful group of involved people”

From cristiano007
“Street photography is quite scarce around here (Venezuela), I don’t have the support of a community or any institution, so the Project is a wonderful opportunity for me to practice with the guidance of the masters who gives the instructions and to share experiences with fellow photographers all around the world. The group is like having a provate class, a review and a meeting about my SP each week, and the conversations are useful and honest, but still being fun and friendly.”