Jack Simon

Jack Simon is one of two winners of the Street Photography Now Project. Consistently original in his interpretation of the weekly Instructions, Jack Simon set a soaring standard for the project. HIs intelligent, multilayered photographs combine a rich sense of pattern and a powerful use of light and shadow with plenty of mystery. Jack Simon sees a photograph where almost everyone else would miss it, and has the quick-wittedness and technical prowess to get the shot every time. Find Jack Simon on Flickr

Instruction #1
“If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph” – Bruce Gilden

Instruction #2
“Turn your attention to the four-legged population” – Ying Tang

Instruction #5
“Get lost in a thicket of signs and structures” Wolfgang Zurborn

Instruction #13
“Look closer to home.” – Lars Tunbjörk

Instruction #26
“If you’re not sure it’s a picture, shoot it anyway” – Carolyn Drake

Instruction #28
“Go somewhere you haven’t been before – a dog show, a polo match, a monster truck rally – and remember, the interesting things often happen at the fringes away from the main ‘action’.” – Paul Russell

Instruction #29
“Find an ambiguity that lies just below the surface.” – Jesse Marlow

Instruction #38
“When you hit that wall of utter frustration while photographing the street, when you are beyond tired and just want to give up, keep on walking – for another hour, or until the light goes entirely. Often the best photographs come when you least expect them – when you are the most exhuasted, and the most emotionally vulnerable.” – Alex Webb

Instruction #39
“Don’t ask. Shoot fast.” – Gus Powell

Instruction #40
“It might all come together for a moment and then just as quickly it is gone.” – Narelle Autio

Instruction #42
“While walking the street constantly look behind yourself, the light is always different.” – Trent Parke

Instruction #46
“Make a picture that is funny and sad at the same time. A photograph that simultaneously evokes pathos, irony and humour.” – Jeff Mermelstein

Instruction #47
“The real subject is yourself facing the world” – Thierry Girard

Instruction #52
“If you have talent, find your own way” – Cristóbal Hara

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